Harps are found within all nationalities and traditions across the globe. Our harpist uses a standard pedal harp.  A full-size concert pedal harp typically stands about 6-feet high and covers a six-and-a-half-octave range encompassed in 40 to 47 strings!

No wonder when a harp is on stage, it commands attention.

Luckily for "Musica per..." Artists, we get to work with a wonderful harpist.

Whether you desire a solo harp player for a cocktail hour or want a harp and violin combination for the main wedding ceremony, your wish is our priority. The harpist’s repertoire includes classical music and pop covers!

We can also perform as a trio or quartet in the combination of two violin, double-bass and soprano!


Federica & Marco - Roma 2 Giugno 2016

Prima di partire per il viaggio di nozze volevamo ringraziare l'arpista che ieri ha suonato al nostro matrimonio!

Accompagnamento impeccabile! Grazie ancora!


 Canone in Re - J. Pachelbel

Musica leggera

 Musica celtica